Customize & Sell Your Unique Training Program

Step 1: Program Creation

  • Enter qualifications, experience, and specialized fitness areas.

  • Navigate to the 'Create Program' section.

  • Input program details: title, description, target audience, fitness level, duration.

  • Upload workout routines, instructional videos, and dietary plans.

  • Option to add customizable elements for users.

person walking beside escalator
person walking beside escalator

Become The Inspiration

woman doing weight lifting
woman doing weight lifting

Launch Your Career

Step 2: Monetization

  • Set program price or subscription fees.

  • Define terms, including user access duration and content usage rights.

  • Review and publish the program on ROID.

  • Use in-app tools for promotion, such as featured listings or community highlights.

graphs of performance analytics on a laptop screen
graphs of performance analytics on a laptop screen

Motivate & Inspire

Step 3: Monitor

  • Monitor user subscriptions and engagement.

  • Receive and respond to user feedback for continuous improvement.

  • Track revenue through in-app analytics.

  • Access data on program popularity and user demographics for targeted marketing.